it's been a while...

2014-09-17 06:36:15 by toge-games

It's been a while since the last time my team and I posted anything to Newgrounds....anyway, we are back!

Actually, we just submitted our latest game, Infectonator : Survivors (alpha) to Newgrounds. Please check it out and give it all your votes!

Check it out here -

"Infectonator : Survivors" is a Randomized Permadeath Survival Simulator that combines RTS, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation gameplay. The goal is to lead a group of survivors in a struggle to stay alive and find rescue in a zombie apocalyptic world. You must scavenge to find food & supplies and fight to survive!

Infectonator : Survivors is actually available on Steam Early Access, we managed to get the game Greenlit in just 5 days! This game is still in active development, so please give us all your support and feedback! If you like the game be sure to get the game in Steam and tell you friends about it!

Check out our STEAM STORE PAGE -


Finally after so many months working on it, Planetary Conflict is out!

Be sure to try it out!
Play Planetary Conflict now!

Planetary Conflict is a turn-based tactical squad MMOG. Team up with your friends and lead a band of mercenary squad fighting alien threats, space pirates, and travel to the depths of the galaxy where a dark secret awaits you.

The game Features:
- Isometric view
- Custom character creation
- Tactical turn-based squad battle
- Squad management
- RPG style character progression
- Asynchronous social MMO gameplay
- Weapon and Item creation
- Realtime PvP Multiplayer Arena (coming soon)

Our new game, Planetary Conflict is out!

First of all, let me say "THANK YOU!" to all of you for playing Infectonator and made it a great success ;b You people ROCK!

So, we decided to start a new game project...and this time...there will be NO ZOMBIES (sorry zombie fans). I realized that almost all of the games that we've done so far are all about zombies. Don't get me wrong, I love zombies! but the team and I decided to try on new stuff.

Our new game project is titled : Planetary Conflict

Planetary Conflict will be a 'Turn-based Action Squad-based MMO' (pheww that's a mouthful) built using Flash platform. The game will take place a few centuries after the destruction of Earth. You'll take the role of one of the last humans in the galaxy fighting for the survival of your kind. You'll lead a band of human survivors fighting alien threats, space pirates, and travel to the depths of the galaxy where a dark secret awaits you.

Features Include:
- Isometric view
- Custom character creation
- Customizable Ship & HQ
- Squad management
- Level and Skill progression
- Asynchronous MMO gameplay
- Social based gameplay
- Realtime PvP Multiplayer Arena

After each battle you and your team will earn experience points which you can use to sharpen your skills and abilities. In your quest you'll also encounter other NPC characters, either human or alien, that will unveil the game's story. You can also recruit your friends (either from facebook, twitter, myspace) to join your ranks and help you in battle. The game will also have a realtime PvP battle arena, where you can fight together or against your friends and show them who's boss!

You can try the latest alpha build here: Planetary Conflict Alpha

please visit Toge Productions' Website and follow our development progress. Help us by giving feedback and critics, and you might end up in the game as a special NPC character!


Okay, now that I'm done talking about our latest game project...I would like to know "which game sequel should we work on next?"...should it be Days 2 Die 3? Another Infectonator? Necronator 2? Please leave a comment below and let us know your opinion!

A new game in the works : Planetary Conflict

Yes, your long wait is finally coming to an end! Thank you for supporting us all this time and giving us valuable feedback on how to improve the game, we appreciate it very much!

In regards of infectonator : World Dominator...with unlimited play time and over 80 levels to complete...I think it will satisfy your craving for infecting people...I hope you like the game, Enjoy!

We are currently working on a whole new game series, which will be released somewhere near April 2010. The new title will have a lot of RTS elements in it, I'll be posting updates on our site...

A Christmas Present from Toge Productions

2009-12-24 00:48:21 by toge-games

Yes, we have something for you! Unfortunately it's not World Domination Edition...sorry ;p

We made Infectonator : Christmas Edition as a Holiday present for you! I hope you guys will enjoy playing it as much as the original!

I'd also like to thank you for the suggestions regarding the World Domination Edition, we appreciate it very much! Hopefully the game can be completed in early January 2010. Once again, Thank you and have a great holiday season!

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A Christmas Present from Toge Productions

Hi guys!

The long awaited Days 2 Die sequel (more like an expansion actually) is out, please try it out and let us know what you think about it.

For those who have played and vote, I'd like to say THANK YOU for the 3rd Daily Best award on D2D-TOS! We couldn't have done it without you guys! We also welcome your critics and suggestions, as they are our fuel for improvement.

We are planning to make the D2D title as a series and expand the story further. The game will be divided into small episodes. Hopefully we can release an episode every 3 months. We also would like to let you know that the premium items that you bought can be used in later series. If you have a suggestion (can be anything, gameplay, story, jokes, etc) for our next D2D game, please drop us a PM. We might use your idea ^.^


Survive the zombie outbreak once again!

Days 2 Die sequel/prequel is coming?

2009-07-28 00:26:08 by toge-games

It's been a while now since Days 2 Die was first released...and I have been getting tons of emails asking about it's I would like to update you guys on what we've been doing these past few months.

We did put Days 2 Die on hold a couple of months back, because we were working on other games... A Windy Day and 3 lil Pigs : Home Defense, they'll be released soon if not already. Having those games completed, we resume our work on sequel of Days 2 Die, adding new features and animated cut-scenes...etc ^.^

Hopefully it will be completed in a couple of months >.<

Not to worry, because I have something to give to you guys! I have made a compilation of cut-scenes from the sequel of Days 2 Die and make a teaser movie out of it.

check out the teaser movie here : Days 2 Die - The Other Side Teaser

I hope you'll like it


-Kris Antoni
Toge Productions

Days 2 Die sequel/prequel is coming?

Thank You for voting!

2009-03-16 09:43:35 by toge-games

Hi guys,

thank you for playing and giving your vote for Days 2 Die...i know it's buggy and a lot needs to be improved, but hey...we got #3 on Daily Best! And all of it is thanks 2 u voters!

The bugs are fixed and we even made improvements, currently the new swf is waiting approval from NG Staff...when it's done you can all enjoy fun mindless zombie killing ^.^

We're also working on some new titles, including the sequel to Days 2 Die